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People currently involved in RALI:

  • Scientists:
    • Julien Delanoë: RALI/RASTA PI, LATMOS
    • Jacques Pelon: LNG PI, LATMOS
    • Quitterie Cazenave: Radar-lidar algorithm development PhD student, LATMOS
    • Alain Protat: Scientific exploitation of RASTA data, now at Bureau of Meteorology

  • Engineers/Technicians:
    • Frederic Blouzon: technical LNG support (electronics), DT-INSU
    • Didier Bruneau: LNG technical developer, LATMOS
    • Mathilde Van Haecke: LNG technical engineer, LATMOS
    • Christophe Caudoux: technical PI of RASTA and FPGA/software expert, LATMOS
    • Pascal Genau: LNG software support, LATMOS
    • Jean-Paul Vinson: RASTA technical developer, LATMOS (now retired)
    • Jean-Luc Engler: webmaster, LATMOS